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Here you will find Art, Photo and Music or whatever I consider an art craft. I plan to give you art and music reviews, song texts and chords, my own digital and analoge art and photographs, software reviews and useful programming code for non programmers.

I have a varied background spanning from construction work and bus driving in my youth, through selling construction equipment, shop marketing specialist, programmer, software maintenance management, group manager, improvement work and recently back to programming. I do a lot of photo shooting as well as painting and singing/playing the guitar. I have also have run a pure image blog for several years (

I admire all the people out there giving away their knowledge in blogs, video and tutorials. I decided that this is also what I want to do, i.e. give out what I know and feel about matters described at the top of this page.

My goal is that when you have read an article on you shall feel enriched, leaving with something more than you had when you arrived.

If you have suggestions, questions or complaints – don’t hesitat to send me an email to

All the best,

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