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Coldplay song list, best of the best

I like Coldplay’s music – plain and simple. There are tons of material written about them in news papers and on the web, this text is my small addition to that mountain of Coldplay information. If you want more in debt reading (not gossip) then I can recommend Wikipedia and some other sources – see links section last on this page. After the short Coldplay introduction you’ll find section My Coldplay Favorites Track List and links to a few song texts with chords.   

Formation of the band

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland started the formation of Coldplay during 1996, first under the name Pectoralz then Starfish and finally Coldplay (97). The members of the band has stayed the same since then and the lineup is still: Will Champion on drums, Guy Berryman on bass, Jonny Buckland on guitar and Chris Martin doing most lead singing

Sound and instruments

Chris Martin is the most visible person in the band but in my opinion the greatness of Coldplay is the sound, equally good to listen too on head phones and big arena shows.The members are skilled musical professional and both Chris Martin and Will Champion are multi-instrumentalist, Will having the widest palette. Apart from his main instrument (drums and percussion) he also handles keyboards, guitar and vocals (and other instruments I’m sure). Chris himself plays the piano real well but also some guitar.

An impressively successful band

Coldplay is undoubtably a band that has had a big influence on the music scene from 2000 and onward. The bands huge success has, besides big earnings, also rewarded them with over on hundreds of awards and from more than 250 nominations. This includes six MTV Video Music Awards and seven Grammy awards, but the list goes on and on. The number of sold records, although not that relevant in today’s world of streaming services, is well over 100 million. That’s impressive and add to that the number of plays on for example Spotify – when writing this their top ten on Spotify is played more than 5 billion times (

Four heavy reasons to start listen to Coldplay

  • If you haven’t already listened to their music, start your music service of choice and search for the albums:
  •  Parachutes (2000)
  • A rush of blood through the head (2002)
  • X&Y (2005)
  • Viva la Vida or death and all his friends (2008)

These four are in my option the strongest ones and X&Y being my personal favorite. It was actually during 2005 I discovered Coldplay myself and X&Y made a huge impact on me. Listening to the older albums strengthened my feelings for the band. From time to time I still put my headphones, lean back and let me be swept away by the beauty of the songs from these albums.
Later albums, although not bad didn’t appeal to me the same ways as earlier ones and soon got tired om listening to most of it. That said there are of course hits from those later albums as well that will surely not be forgotten.

Complete coldplay favorite song list 

Well at least my complete favorite list. It may not be the complete Coldplay top hits song list although it contains many of them of course. 


  • Don’t panic
  • Sparks
  • Yellow
  • Trouble


A rush of blood to the head

  • In my place
  • The scientist
  • Clocks
  • Green eyes
  • Warning sign
  • A whisper


  • Square one
  • What if
  • White shadows
  • Fix you
  • Talk
  • Speed of sound
  • A message
  • Low
  • The hardest part
  • Swallowed in the sea
  • The kingdom come

Viva la Vida or death and all his friends

  • Life in technicolor
  • Lost!
  • 42
  • Lovers in Japan
  • Viva la vida
  • Violet hill
  • Death and all his friends

Other songs

  • Paradise (fMylo Xyloto album)
  • A sky full of stars (Ghost stories album)
  • Hymn for the weekend(A head full of drems album)
  • Adventure of a lifetime (A head full of drems album)

Coldplay song lyrics with chords

Links list

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