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XnView MP picture viewer/organiser review

Free photo management software – XnView MP might be your choice

There are many tools like XnView MP on the market, both free and commercial, that can help you organize your images. One of them is XnView MP. Its free for non commercial use and it is multi platform.

I don’t intend to do any comparison with other tools in this review, only what I think is good and maybe not so good. Please also note that I have no connections to the XnSoft organization what so ever – the below review is my thoughts only.

What XnView MP is

  • In short: a tool that help you organize, search, view, edit and convert your images. The editing functions are limited although the batch processor can handle a great deal of automatic adjustments.

What XnView MP is not

  • An image editor software with full range of functions you would expect from that kind of tool.

When to use

  • If you have a fair amount (500+) of images on your local computer in different folders that you frequently need to search, organize and edit
  • You want a free, powerful, fast and working software and can invest in a small extra learning curve.
  • You want to setup a work flow of your own

When maybe not to use

  • You need the best integration with Adobe products
  • You need cloud integration
  • When you are sensitive to ”older” interface look and feel (and menu placement)
  • When you only need an image viewer (most often built into the operating system)
  • You need Good and easily accessible documentation
  • You need Ability to automate the actions in the application (like macros)

Main pros

  • Multi platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Support for viewing 500+ image formats
  • Feature rich
  • Image conversion, resizing, cropping etc
  • Batch Image conversion, renaming, resizing, cropping etc. Note that the XnConvert application/module is required for this functionality. See XnConvert review for more details.
  • Fast application loading. First load might take a while depending on how much images you have.
  • Easy and fast install
  • Its freeware, free to use for all but companies
  • All information about your images that you expect and possibility to edit image meta data
  • Rich and extendable categorization of images
  • Good filtering and search capabilities
  • Easy reorganization of user interface sections and tabs
  • Rich set of configuration settings

Main cons 

  • Usability in some parts could be much improved. This is especially true for the categories, it can take a while to figure out the why’s and how’s.
  • Icons and general look and feel is a bit outdated (or to much Linux look for a Windows fan)
  • No theme support
  • Sometimes the application hangs (on my windows test machine)
  • Poor help system
  • No cloud support
  • Overkill if you don’t frequently manage many images and image assets (maybe the OS file manager can get you far enough)

Where to get it


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